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Dr. KDr. Kevin Lizotte is a Holistic Doctor. He has over 12 years of experience helping people improve their health naturally. He attained his degree at the American Institute of Natural Healing in 2000.

From Dr. K:

My goal when I created this philosophy, Mind Muscle Theosophy (MMT), was to teach children the idea that if they can control their body first, they will then have the ability to control their mind. This enables oneself to choose and control their own destiny. Knowing who you are is essential to this process as well, because it enables one to break the "chains" to which one is bonded. These "chains" represent who each individual is (first, we are our parents and second, we are the society of which we come from). This is taught to both children and adults in Dr. K's herding analogy.

My MMT will show you how you can break these "chains" by first putting your body in a constant state of healing, rather than living in a constant state of destruction. MMT will show you how there is a pattern to everything in life, and it will show you the pattern to put your body in a constant state of healing. If you cut your hand, it heals; therefore your body is always trying to heal. By putting your body into a state of healing you will not only heal yourself faster, you will have clearer thinking, easier decision making and energy for the whole day.

By learning MMT you will learn how your body is like a computer. How you can change the narrow "telephone modem" way of how you process information to the fluidity of a cable modem where information speeds through your neuro-pathways and becomes clear and concise. No more flip flopping. You will learn the one saying to help with making all decisions easier. It will help you leave the past in the past and work on the now.

I have combined all the Mind Muscle Connections Techniques into MMT along with my knowledge of Naturopathy and it's entire healing techniques such as: Iridology; the study of the eyes, homeopathy, advanced nature's cure, sports medicine, emergency herbal care, chinese medicine and non-invasive acupuncture (using magnets, laser, heat, pressure and EMS), Reiki, eastern and western herbal formulas, ionic foot baths and over 30 years constant resistance training and nutrition. When using MMT you will be confident of who and what you are; the caretakers of the planet, because I can teach you the gifts you already have which will let your body naturally heal itself.


"One in four Americans are overweight. Up until about ten months ago I fell into that category, but with the help of Dr. K I can honestly tell you that I no longer fit that category. Dr. K's energy technique gave me the strength and motivation I needed to push myself through the long, tedious and sweaty workout. It's an amazing feeling to completely transform your body, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well and that's exactly what happened to me with the help of Dr. K. Thank you for making my dream come true" - A. Rizzi, Brockton, MA

"Dr. Kevin really helped me through some rough and painful times. I had terrible headaches that took a long time to find a cause for. Dr. Kevin treated me with holistic medicine and laser acupuncture to help relieve my pain. I went to him often, sometimes two-three times a week and he always was able to get rid of or lessen my pain. I now work with him for other issues and I am amazed at how much he knows and can help me with. He is so kind, gentle and caring. I always feel so much better after I see him. I highly recommend him to anyone who has pain, diseases, stress or any other ailments because he can really help!" - L Hayes, Norton, MA

"Dear Dr. K, Thank you so much for taking care of my allergic reaction to what I don't know. It was like a miracle.l also took the colloidal silver you prescribed for me and I feel so much better. Sincerely" - Alan O, Norton, MA

"I have had asthma all my life. I have been on several inhalers. I came to see Dr. K about a year ago. I am now down to one inhaler. I see him when I am having an attack due to allergies and he does acupuncture on me and I don't have to go to the hospital. He has also treated me for menstrual cramps and anxiety. Dr. K has always remained very professional and I trust him. My kids have recently started seeing him for other health issues. I believe that Dr. K has changed my life." - Sandy, Easton, MA

"My name is Casey, I have been a patient of Dr. K since March of 2012. I get really bad migraines. Dr. K uses acupuncture on me periodically and he has prescribed some herbal formulas. He sees me when I need to see him without hesitation no matter when it is. I have seen several doctors and tried different medications, which have gotten me nowhere. Dr. K really knows his stuff. He is a very compassionate person." - Casey

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